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It’s been a while. Yeah, I know, I know – too long. I’ve come to terms with the fact that unless I schedule time to write that it won’t get done. And starting today, I’m committing to writing a brief message on a weekly basis. Anyway…

First off – I’m sad to report that Shawn has returned to the Soo. Shawn came to Toronto with the intent of gaining a few years of big city experience to take back home to Sault Ste. Marie. We consider ourselves lucky that he stayed with Mystique for 8 years and in that time produced a lot of good design. We wish him continued success.

I’m pleased and excited at the addition of three new designers to the Mystique Creative family: Alyssya Polsinelli, Renee Richards, and Vincent Hiemstra

Many of you may already know Alyssya as she’s been on our payroll for a quarter now. Alyssya was offered a position after a successful internship with us.


Graphic designer


Alyssya Polsinelli
Position: Graphic designer
Age: 21
Born: Toronto
Education: Durham College
Likes: Dancing, Baseball, Music and Traveling
Dislikes: People leaving garbage in my car and when my desktop is messy.
Inspirations: My mom

Renee has just moved back to Toronto and is looking to make her mark on the TO design community. Look for her blog tomorrow.




Renee Richards
Position: Graphic designer 
Age: 23
Born: In Toronto but lived in North Carolina most of my life
Education: Appalachian State University
Likes: Seeing anything I’ve never seen before, innovative designs, travelling
Dislikes: Puppies with clothing, lemon meringue pie, movies with subtitles
Inspirations : Stephan Sagmeister, John Saunders, Lance Wyman, Sean Ohlenkamp

And our newest import Vincent, who has crossed the big pond to join us for his internship.




Vincent Hiemstra
Position: Intern
Age: 22
Born: Zeist, the Netherlands
Education: Graphics College Utrecht
Likes: Reading, Traveling, Online Gaming
Dislikes: Ketchup Flavored Chips, A line at the movies, Traffic
Inspirations: Chris Metzen, Jack Vergel 

Please stop in and get acquainted with the new design staff here at Mystique Creative.

Paul Bies
Mystique Creative


“Green” becoming mainstream?

There is justifiable concern out there for the environment, therefore a colour shift toward more natural looking colours is occurring in consumer products. So predicts the Color Marketing Group (CMG), an international association of colour design professionals. This group has predicted colour trends accurately for the last 43 years.

So what does this all mean? Well according to CMG appearing “green” will be extremely desirable to a broad spectrum of people, be it corporate leaders, designers of all stripes, marketers and individual consumers. Not to worry, this doesn’t mean we will suddenly be colour blinded by various shades and tonal varieties of the colour green, it simply means, consumer products we buy, will look more natural. There will be an inclination for products to look hand made, undyed and unbleached. Textures and natural imperfections will suddenly and proudly show through the packaging. Natural colours are becoming very fashionable in the retail world but has been an important trend in graphic design for a few years now and is bound to increase. These include off whites, rock and soil colours and brownish greens while blues continue to remind us of sky and water, which is inspired by environmentalism. Meanwhile metallics are becoming less cold and alienating and are becoming warmer – coppery, bronzey etc.

Hand in hand with environmentism is globalism, which is inspiring a host of ethnic accent colours. These are coming from India, China and Latin America. Some of these include Moroccan reds and glowing oranges, rosy pinks, sunny yellows and turquoise. These colours exist already in home design and fashion but look for these to also show up in restaurants and hotels.

If nothing else, colours and textures set a mood but in this latest trend “to be green” seems to be part of a larger transcending movement toward a global view. Is this a temporary blip, with a lot of band wagon jumpers vying for consumer dollars? What of it, if growing global/environmental awareness is a result.

Shawn Richards
Senior Graphic Designer
Mystique Creative
shawn richards